Who we are:

The Stanford Association for International Development, or SAID, is a voluntary student organization (VSO) at Stanford University dedicated to promoting awareness of international development on campus. We seek to leverage the resources of Stanford University to connect students with the scholars and leaders of today, and, in doing so, shape the scholars and leaders of tomorrow.

What we do:

We offer a number of programs that may be of interest to Stanford undergraduates, graduate students, faculty, and staff. Chief among them is our annual conference, which brings together the top minds and actors in international development with the students and faculty of Stanford University to discuss a given aspect of international development. Past conferences have focused on innovation, post-conflict health issues, and food distribution. This year’s conference will center on issues of leadership and governance in the developing world.

This year we will also be expanding to include a quarterly speaker series to provide students with timely insights into current events. And in an attempt to better prepare Stanford students for careers in NGOs, non-profits and the like, we are currently exploring a SAID Internships program, which would pair students at Stanford with bay-area non-profits to perform an internship during the spring quarter.

How to Get Involved:

Visit our Recruiting Page for more information on open positions. Positions will change throughout the year, so please check regularly.


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