International Development Course List

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FALL 2011 Development Courses

FALL 2011 Courses related to International Development:

ANTHRO 160: Social and Environmental Sustainability: The Costa Rican Case
ANTHRO 177: Environmental Change and Emerging Infectious Diseases

BIO 34N: Hunger

CEE 124: Sustainable Development Studio

CEE 141A: Infrastructure Project Development

EARTHSYS 61Q: Food and security

ECON 118: Development Economics

EDUC 306A: Economics of Education in the Global Economy

EE 402A: Topics in International Technology Management

GSBGEN 586: Poverty, Entrepreneurship, and Development

HISTORY 106A: Global Human Geography: Asia and Africa

HISTORY 206: History and Geography of Contemporary Global Issues

HISTORY 281: Economic and Social History of the Modern Middle East

HUMBIO 129P: International Health Policy: Comparative Health Care Systems


INTNLREL 114D: Democracy, Development, and the Rule of Law

INTNLREL 140A: International Law and International Relations

INTNLREL 141A: Camera as Witness: International Human Rights Documentaries

IPS 210: The Politics of International Humanitarian Action

ME 310A: Project-Based Engineering Design, Innovation, and Development

MS&E 185: Global Work

MS&E 193: Technology and National Security

MS&E 264: Sustainable Product Development and Manufacturing

POLISCI 110C: America and the World Economy

POLISCI 240C: The Comparative Political Economy of Post-Communist Transitions

POLISCI 337S: Seminar on Liberation Technologies

POLISCI 443S: Political Economy of Reform in China

POLISCI 351A: Foundations of Political Economy

URBANST 133: Social Entrepreneurship Collaboratory


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